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Last updated: 13 November 1999 (1999 Part 3)


The Willey Year in Review (1999 Part 1)

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On these pages we plan to provide updates of activities and events from throughout the year.  The life and times of a family never remain static, and neither will these pages.


This month, unlike last year, was relatively tame.  While we have had our share of freezing rain, it has not been catastrophic.  This El Niña stuff is starting to overstay its welcome.  One minute it is freezing cold, the next it is snowing and then it rains!  These conditions are playing havoc with the winter sports industry.  I don't think that we have had a decent day of "winter" skiing yet this year.

Christopher has once again started his ski lessons at Mont Ste. Marie where he is gunning for his "STEP VII" this year.  I didn't sign up for lessons at that time because I needed to settle a dispute with the resort over lift ticket vouchers I had left over from last year.   My logic and/or persistence finally convinced them that the tickets were still valid and that they should be accepted.  Unfortunately, the situation was not resolved in time for me to take advantage of the full lesson package.  Oh well, there will always be next year...if there is snow.

Christopher also skis midweek with his new school but this is only for four weeks and finishes in mid-February.

My curling started again on the 8th.  I volunteered to create a web site for the league which I did during the Christmas break.  You can check it out at

On the 30th, Christopher celebrated his 13th birthday.  Yes, he is officially a teenager.  In addition to playing on a N64, he and his friends were treated to a game of LaserQuest (where I came second last...ugh!)


Curling and skiing, skiing and curling.  That was the order of the day for most of the month.  Christopher continued his lessons at Mont Ste-Marie and had his last two ski trips with his school.

The physical education teacher at Christopher's school is quite energetic and gets the kids to try different sports and activities.  For example, they tried their hand at fencing for a number of weeks.   In addtion, there was an outing to an indoor rock climbing facility.   Christopher found it challenging and a little scary but he enjoyed himself.

The Office of the Auditor General curling bonspiel took place on the 27th.  Our team was back defending the A division title we won last year.  Danielle joined the team this year and we curled very well finishing second in the A division (therefore winning the C division trophy).  We actually tied for first but lost in a draw to the button between the other words I blew it (just kidding, we had a lot of fun).

My parents took off to New Zealand on the 4th for what appears to be an almost annual trip.


I, along with 5 colleagues from the Office, had a ski day at Mont Tremblant on the 8th.  One of our colleagues is in a wheelchair and this was the first time that I had seen her on the slopes in her sit-ski.   After just a few seasons, she has become a very good skier and is able to take on the expert trails.

The ski season finally came to an end for me on St. Patrick's day when I went skiing with Christopher who was on March Break.  He skied two more times that week to finish his season.

Danielle and I went to see Gypsy, the latest production from Orpheus, on the 12th.  This is the story of Gypsy Rose Lee, the famous stripper, whose mother domineered her life.  The performances were great but the story is not one that you can be upbeat about.

As the president of our local community association, I was appointed to Cumberland's Parks, Recreation and Culture committee.  The first meeting was held at the end of the month.  I look forward to participating on this committee and in helping shape future policy in this area.

At the end of March 1998 you may recall that we had a week of wacky weather culminating in a warm 24 degrees on the last weekend of the month.  It almost looked like we were going to have the same thing in 1999.  We received a big dump of spring snow then it warmed up.  Unfortunately, we didn't get up to 24 degrees though.

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