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Welcome to the Willey Travel Guide.

With a father working for Air Canada, the family learned to appreciate travelling far and wide.  Over the years various members of the family have experienced a wide variety of locations around the world.

These pages provide our comments and recollections about some of these trips.  We hope that you enjoy them as much as we did experiencing them.

Willey UK Trip

Castles, Coronation Street and other great stuff in England, Scotland and Wales.  Fall of 1994.
Willey Polar Bear Express Trip Moosanee, Moose Factory and the James Bay frontier.  Summer of 1996.
Willey Arizona Trip From canyons to deserts and points in between.  Summer of 1997.
Willey Martimes Trip Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick.  Summer of 1998.
Coming soon. From the Rockies to Vancouver Island - the British Columbia Adventure.  Summer of 1999.

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